Asphalt Paving Navasota, TX

Asphalt is one of the most versatile substances out there, being used for everything from commercial parking lots through to tennis courts. Due to its unique consistency, price point and strength it makes the perfect pavement for a wide range of different needs.

There are plenty of asphalt paving Rockdale, TX (INTERLINK) contractors out there but finding the right asphalt paving company isn’t necessarily easy. The asphalt paving cost per square foot can vary dramatically, and because of this, it’s always wise to get a quote as soon as possible before you start asking any other questions.

There is a few useful asphalt paving estimators on the web, but the best method is always to pick up the phone and talk to a human.

Asphalt Paving Cost in Navasota

One of the most common searches we see is ‘asphalt paving near me,’ clearly, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people just like you looking for a contractor in Navasota. Prices can vary wildly depending on the company that you use, as well as the project that you are undertaking.

Smaller roads and parking lots can be relatively cheap when compared to alternative methods, but customized tennis courts and long golf cart paths can cost more.

Create a Parking Lot for Your Apartment Complex

As an apartment complex owner or manager, you want to ensure that your residents can park their vehicles in a safe and attractive lot that is comfortable to drive on. Asphalt is used on most main roads and because of this we are accustomed to the feeling of driving on this surface. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to continue to use asphalt in your lots.

Not only that but with asphalt, you can achieve that deep jet-black color that we all desire for our pavement surfaces. Appearances are everything, especially when you’re trying to sell apartments, and a clean black asphalt looks excellent.

Alternative materials like concrete can stain easily because they are a light gray color, whereas a black asphalt is more challenging to tarnish. Plus, because of the strength of asphalt pavement, it can last for years, saving you money and ensuring that you generate a higher profit margin.

Parking lots in apartment complexes are notoriously dirty, having so many vehicles parked for extended periods will inevitably lead to an oil spill or dropped foods and drinks. Asphalt doesn’t tarnish easily, but it also resists liquid spills incredibly well.

Even if there are extensive amounts of liquid on a surface, a vehicle will still be able to grip well, preventing any dangerous accidents which your apartment complex could be liable for.

As well as that you should consider that eventually damage will occur and you will want the repairs to be completed quickly so that your residents are happy. Asphalt cracks and potholes can be fixed much quicker than other pavements because of the methods that are used.

Paths for Walking and Cycling with Asphalt Paving Navasota, TX

Walking and cycling are both common hobbies in Texas and encouraging people to get outside and enjoy some fresh air is essential for the health of our population. Cycle and walking paths in Navasota are often winding, and across fields, this can be a hard pavement to lay using other methods.

But with asphalt pavement, it’s easy and cheap, ensuring that people can use the paths as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost to you.

These paths don’t need to be able to hold a significant amount of weight, but they must be resistant to the weather and easy to repair. Using the best laying techniques, we can create an upper asphalt pavement that flexes with the contractions and expansions of the base layers through summer and winter.

Many of the cracks that you see in pavement surfaces are not because of blunt force; they occur because the under layers are contracting and expanding in the hot and cold. This movement causes trauma to the upper pavement, allowing water to leak in and cause further damage.

Asphalt pavements tend to be slightly flexible, and this makes them ideal for Texas where it can get incredibly hot. This hot temperature causes expansion in the materials, and if you’re not using appropriate mixes, it can lead to cracks and eventually potholes.

Improve Existing Farm Roads with Asphalt Paving Navasota, TX

Farm roads are a unique problem in that they tend to have a low volume of traffic but incredibly heavy loads. However, governments and individuals can’t afford to invest in building sturdy highway style roads, meaning that they need to find a compromise. Enter asphalt, one of the cheapest paving materials, capable of holding heavyweight and lasting for years.

To improve an existing farm road, we will need to remove the surface that is already there and start from scratch. While it is possible to lay a surface above what is already there, this can reduce the lifetime of the pavement and cause further problems down the line.

Instead, we can use construction machines to remove the top layer and flatten the ground underneath in preparation for the asphalt paving. There are at least two or three layers when created roads of this type, with the upper level being the traditional jet-black asphalt that we are accustomed to.

Golf Cart Paths in Navasota

Golf cart paths are similar to cycling and walking paths, they might be a little wider and need to hold more weight, but otherwise, they are the same principle. Asphalt is the ideal choice for a golf course path because it’s smooth and provides plenty of traction.

Golf carts can get up to quite a high speed, and when that happens, you need to ensure that the road is smooth to prevent any accidents. As a golf course owner or manager, your customer’s safety is paramount, which is why an asphalt path is the best choice.

Other surfaces like gravel, clay or acrylic can be excellent in some circumstances, but when it comes to driving a vehicle, you want your wheels to sit comfortably on an asphalt path. Depending on your needs you can opt for a jet-black upper pavement, or the aggregate can be dyed to any color of your choosing.