Concrete Seal Coating College Station
Seal coating is the real barrier coat between the destructive elements and concrete surfaces. It keeps the redeeming properties of concrete sealed in to prolong the life of the pavement and preserve its functional properties.

It involves the application of a layer of asphalt-based, emulsified material to the concrete surface. Seal coating is frequently sprayed as a liquid on the concrete surface. This provides a dark finish that is similar to blacktop.

Benefits of Concrete Seal Coating

The main reason to obtain concrete seal coating College Station is to protect the pavement from the deteriorating effects of water and sun. When the concrete pavement is exposed to water, wind and sun, it oxidizes. This causes it to become more brittle. As a result, it will crack because it is unable to flex and bend when exposed to temperature and traffic changes.

Concrete seal coating combats this situation by providing a waterproof membrane that not only slows down the process of oxidation but also assists the pavement in shedding water. This prevents it from entering the base material.

Seal coating also increases the surface friction that a pavement provides. This is accomplished through the additional texture that the cover aggregate gives the pavement. With time, traffic starts to wear the fine material from the concrete pavement surface. This results in a condition called raveling. When enough fine material is worn off the pavement surface, vehicles are driving on the course aggregate. As these aggregate elements start to become polished and smooth, the pavement becomes slippery and makes it hard to stop quickly. Concrete seal coating increases the surface friction and the pavement texture.

Preparation and Application

Before any concrete seal coating, the pavement is cleaned thoroughly. This is done in order to remove weeds and loose concrete. In order to make sure that the concrete sealer adheres best to the surface, the driveway is also scrubbed with a diluted cleaner to remove all oil and dirt.

During this step, close attention is given to areas to be seal coated. Once the cleaning procedure is finished, any structural cracks and failures in the pavement are repaired. After it is done, the concrete seal coating College Station is applied with a spray, squeegee or combination of both depending on the pavement’s condition.

Seal Coating Facts

Seal coating should only be done in proper weather conditions. Warm and humid weather is perfect for any concrete seal coating work to be performed. Aside from that, the recommended pavement and air temperature should be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above during the seal coat application and for eight hours afterwards. Traffic should be kept away from a newly sealed surface for a minimum of two to three days to allow for adequate curing time.