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    We provide all types of asphalt and concrete services. From new residential concrete or asphalt driveways to commercial asphalt parking lots. 9795744099

Types Of Work We Do

-Petromat overlays
-Asphalt removal and replacement
-Asphalt for new construction
-Parking Lots
-Sports Courts

Types Of Material We Use

– Cement Sand (TAMU spec / B/CS spec)
– Pug Base
– Fill Dirt
– Topsoil
– Limestone Base
– Limestone Rock
– Sand
– Select Fill
– Asphalt Millings

Working in Bryan College Station area for over 10 years,  providing asphalt paving to residential and commercial customers alike.  Glen and his team like keeping things simple and fair, and they like to get to know each of their customers personally. Providing free estimates on asphalt paving or any other type road work, whether it be asphalt or concrete.

Our prices are great, and because we are local, No job is too big or small.  You many not know it, but many of the parking lots you drive on each day were in fact laid by us! We have someone to take your call and discuss your project typically same day. Our no hidden fee, FREE estimates are geared with your budget and time frame.

What we do

LGC Asphalt & Paving companies can fill the cracked areas and replace the asphalt to resurface the trouble spots. From filling minor cracks to filling major potholes, LGC can restore the parking lot surface to provide an improved, renewed appearance. Companies can improve their property safety and investment opportunities in having these services performed.

Businesses face a number of risks and challenges when it comes to their premises. Parking lot flaws are one of the most common causes for liability claims against landlords and can deter investors interested in purchasing the property. We offer pavement maintenance and have been helping companies keep their properties safe.

Investing in a property

When people are looking to invest or rent at a given location, they survey every aspect of the premises. They are not only considering the accessibility of the location but the appearance of the property. A deteriorating parking lot isn’t inviting and can potentially scare away prospective renters and investors. Investors who may show interest in the property may require that the price point be significantly lowered. Companies interested in commercial leasing can drive down the price in pointing out the defective elements to the parking lot.

Liability and negligence

Every commercial property has to be in a certain condition or face risks for trip and fall claims. An injured party can fall and become seriously injured, suffering from brain trauma and possible death. Awarded judgments in the thousands and even millions can be secured just by proving the property was neglected. This deteriorating parking lot puts drivers at risk for accidents. Swerving performed to avoid a pothole leads to an accident, which then causes damage to one or both vehicles. Vehicles that become damaged while operating on the premises can be attributed to property being neglected. These conditions set the stage for property damage and general liability claims.

Keeping tenants happy

Commercial properties may lease retail space to tenants. Tenants rely primarily on location but also on the upkeep of the property to evaluate their growth potential. Businesses located in areas that may be sketchy or in commercial space that is hard to navigate can decide to look elsewhere for a lease in a better neighborhood. Patrons who do not actively pursue claims due to recent bad experiences may elect instead to simply go to other shops or frequent businesses with better amenities and property conditions.

Serving Texas

Central Texas includes the Austin–Round Rock, Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood, Bryan–College Station, Houston, Katy and Waco metropolitan areas