Asphalt Repair

If you’re searching for dependable asphalt repair College Station residents can believe in, then LGC Paving can offer that to you. At LGC Paving, we specialize in all varieties of concrete and asphalt services. If you need top-notch asphalt paving, all you have to do is let us know.

Asphalt repairs are a big focus for us at LGC Paving. If your asphalt is suffering from unsightly stress cracks, potholes or general wear, to name several examples, we can provide you with the A+ repair services you deserve. Our pros can evaluate your asphalt for signs of destruction — even early on. We can then assess what needs to be done to fix your asphalt and keep it durable and strong for years to come. If you allow asphalt damage to get out of hand, it could potentially lead to more significant troubles — and serious expenses. If your asphalt has problems, it could also be risky to passersby. People can easily trip on problematic asphalt.

Asphalt resurfacing is another LGC Paving specialty. If you want to strengthen your asphalt, then introducing another layer to the top of the older pavement can be highly beneficial. Resurfacing is generally effective for asphalt that still possesses a tough, reliable structure.

If you’re looking to construct a driveway for your home, then our asphalt paving services might also be ideal for you. Not only is asphalt paving effective for driveways, but it’s also effective for making way for large parking lots for commercial operations. We also offer parking lot maintenance service that ensure that these areas don’t undergo extensive damage. Parking lot maintenance is useful for increasing the lifespans of pavement.

We’re also concrete aficionados at LGC Paving. We offer a number of diverse concrete services, specifically crack filling, seal coating, car stops and parking lot repair. If your concrete appears fragile and unsightly due to conspicuous cracks and seals, then we can do away with them meticulously. If you have a parking lot and want to decrease the odds of damages to cars and the property, then our car stop services might be specifically what you need. We also provide in-depth parking lot repair service. If you want to keep a parking lot in top-notch condition, we’re the pros for you.

Whether you’re searching for budget-friendly asphalt maintenance, asphalt repair, concrete seal coating or anything else, our devoted professionals are waiting to give you the excellent service you need. If you’d like to get a free quote for any of our services, contact us immediately. For asphalt repair College Station locals can truly stand by, we make a terrific choice.