Asphalt Paving Brenham, TX

asphalt paving brenham tx

When it comes to asphalt paving the differences between companies can be staggering. Forthat reason, we go out of our way to ensure that clients are as pleased with the final results as possible.

Engaging in an asphalt project is often a significant ordeal, both regarding money and time for the individual, company or government agency. But the reason why they do is that they recognize that asphalt paving  is the most cost-effective method to create roads, runways and sports courts.

How Much is Asphalt Paving Brenham, TX?

The asphalt paving cost per square yard will vary depending on the contractor that you choose and the project that you are undertaking. You will find that the complexity of the project is well correlated to the price, meaning that if you are only interested in a simple road or parking lot, it can be achieved for a competitive price.

When compared to alternative paving methods like concrete and gravel you will often find that asphalt is significantly cheaper. There are three main reasons for this; asphalt is cheap to produce, asphalt can be re-used, and it’s easy to install.

Other methods, especially concrete, can take much longer to lay and they need a curing period. This extra time costs money, whereas asphalt can be laid and walked on as soon as the last truck leaves the area.

You’ll also note that asphalt can be recycled, making it the ‘green’ choice, a particularly important point of contention for government agencies. Every piece of old asphalt paving can be recycled to create new asphalt, which is one of the reasons why it’s so cheap to manufacture.

Driving around Brenham, you will find that the vast majority of roads are constructed using asphalt, primarily because the government has identified its fantastic value. Not only is the upfront cost relatively low, but estimates suggest that asphalt roads can last up to 7-years in some cases without any repairs.

When you spread the cost over such an extended period, the price is suddenly much lower, and for this reason, the government has chosen to use asphalt for a massive variety of projects.

Sports Courts in Brenham Texas

With thousands of avid sports fans in Brenham, it’s important for businesses and local government to install new sports courts whenever possible. In particular basketball and tennis are incredibly popular, both with young people and those who are more mature.

These sports encourage people to get out and about, improving their health, both physically and mentally. But creating sports courts has always been notoriously expensive, especially when they are created using concrete, acrylic or other hard materials.

With asphalt the costs are significantly lower, the maintenance is only a fraction of the cost and the average lifetime is far longer. Not only that, but modern techniques mean that the color of the upper pavement can be easily dyed.

For a game like tennis, the color of the ground is vital, both to identify the playing area and to see if the ball is still in play. Without being able to dye the ground, it’s expensive to create a court because it will involve spray painting and regular upkeep. Instead, using asphalt will allow you to create a playing surface quickly and for cents on the dollar.

Building New Roads

With Brenham expanding both physically and regarding the population at a striking rate it’s important that we can build new roads rapidly. Modern technology can help significantly, helping workers to lay asphalt in minutes instead of hours.

Previously employees would have to handle the aggregate manually and create asphalt, but with modern machinery, the slurry can be laid as if it painted. This method is far quicker and as we all know, time is money.

By increasing the speed of production, we can drastically reduce the cost, passing on those massive savings to you. The same can’t be said of methods like concrete which are still relatively labor and time intensive.

Building new roads is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be a pain. With asphalt paving Brenham, TX we can create a safe and smooth surface, perfect for driving even the most massive vehicles on, in the blink of an eye, ensuring that Brenham can keep up with the expansion.

Airport Runways in Texas

Texas is somewhat of a hotspot, attracting millions of tourists each year who are interested in sampling our culture, food, and sports. For those people flying in and out of Texas, it’s vital that they have a safe runway to land on.

For centuries now the leading airports in the world have been using asphalt for their runways because they recognize that for its cost it is the superior paving method. Despite it being so cheap to install it can easily handle the force of giant planes landing at a fast speed, ensuring that every passenger gets to Texas safely and comfortably.

Airports often forget that comfort is also important, especially when taxiing to the runway can take 10-minutes or longer. Asphalt pavements have a little flexibility to them, helping both in landing and in taxiing, giving a more comfortable and less bumpy ride to the passengers.

Commercial and Industrial Parking Lots in Brenham

For commercial and industrial parking lots speed is essential. Repairs that take multiple days aren’t good for business because they deter new customers and what was a cheap fix can suddenly cost your business thousands in lost revenue.

Fortunately, asphalt parking lots are easy to repair. Cracks and even potholes can be fixed in less than a day because asphalt can be pumped into the break using specialized machinery.

For more serious problems it’s possible to cut a square out around the crack and filling it back in with brand new asphalt. By doing this, you create a much stronger repair because a small square is much sturdier than following the line of a crack.

Finally, you might also consider upper-level surface treatments for your lot. These treatments can help to protect against the damage of rapid temperature change, a frequent occurrence during the fall and spring.

Many of these treatments will also help to protect against oil and fuel leakages which can happen weekly in large commercial and industrial lots that work with trucks and machinery.