Asphalt Paving Huntsville, TX

Asphalt paving is useful for both commercial and personal projects, helping to create a safe and drivable surface that is relatively cheap to lay and replace. For companies and individuals in Huntsville, Texas, asphalt paving can be the ideal choice for driveways, parking lots, sports courts and roads.

Why Should You Choose Asphalt Paving?

Cost is the most important factor when companies and individuals are choosing between different options. Fortunately, with asphalt paving, you get quality at a bargain price. Asphalt is cost efficient because it is far cheaper per square foot than alternative paving options.

Not only that, but because of the flexibility of the upper layer the noise pollutions from driving is heavily reduced, and it’s also more enjoyable to drive on. Simply, asphalt is safe, smooth and durable, making it the obvious choice.

Unlike other paving options asphalt is 100% reusable, making it one of the more environmentally friendly options. Everything that is removed and replaced can be reused in factories to create new asphalt layer elsewhere, reducing the environmental impact of your roads and parking lots.

Asphalt Paving for Your Driveway

One of the most common uses for Asphalt Paving Huntsville, TX is personal and commercial driveways. Many of our roads are constructed out of asphalt, and therefore it’s more comfortable and also better looking to continue with that same construction method for your driveway.

For these smaller projects, you want to use a paving and construction method that has low initial costs because the variable costs are going to be small. Similarly, you want it to last for years to come, primarily being protected from the weather rather than heavy load or extensive use.

When compared to other methods like concrete, you’ll find that laying an asphalt driveway is incredibly fast. Similarly, it doesn’t require a curing period, meaning that you can walk and drive on it from the moment that the last machine leaves. For a personal and commercial driveway, this is vital because you want people to be able to come to your doors as quickly as possible.

Choosing Asphalt Paving for a Commercial Parking Lot in Huntsville

When it comes to asphalt paving Huntsville, TX has plenty of commercial parking lots that are fantastically constructed. These lots can get more traffic than most, and for this reason, it’s crucial that you create the surface out of a material that can withstand heavy pressure, regular movement and surface water.

Asphalt surfaces are created using a special technique that uses multiple layers to make them hardy, preventing even the heaviest trucks from causing any extensive damage. Similarly, because cars are going to be turning and driving at all angles across the asphalt, it’s important that you use a material that provides grip and durability.

These surfaces are created using small particles with a hot liquid layer, this makes the road smooth and granular at the same time, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

School Parking Lots in Huntsville, Texas

With so many different schools in Huntsville, Texas, construction workers are regularly working to lay new pavements and fix old ones. As with commercial lots, it’s paramount that the surface is quiet so as not to disturb the children when they are studying.

Alternative materials, especially concrete, are very loud, creating a squeaking sound whenever a car drives across them. But with asphalt the noise pollution is heavily reduced, allowing the students to enjoy their classes without distraction.

It’s important that these children can get to school each day and for this reason, it’s smart to choose the fastest construction method. Laying asphalt is easy, it can be done in the blink of an eye and once the machines leave the cars can come in only seconds later.

For a school parking lot, asphalt paving is a clear choice; it’s economical, quiet and quick to lay.

Filling Cracks and Potholes

Although this is one of the strongest materials for road surfaces, it’s inevitable that damage will eventually occur. Some estimates suggest that asphalt paved roads can last up to 15-years, whereas concrete might only survive for 7-years.

But when that damage does occur it’s important to fix the issue as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost so that any further harm can be prevented and so that the road can be opened again.

With asphalt, there are two major types of fixes; crack filling and crack sealing. With a filling, you use a specialized machine to inject new asphalt into the crack so that it sets and prevents water from entering which could harm the layers underneath.

But with a crack seal, the surrounding asphalt is removed in a square pattern, and a large amount is replaced. This shape of the seal is far stronger than simply injecting new asphalt into the crack, and for this reason, it’s highly recommended for busy roads and lots.

Tennis and Basketball Courts in Huntsville

Asphalt is often thought of as a road surface, but the majority of outdoor tennis and basketball courts use the same material. For these sports, it’s vital that the ground has plenty of traction but is also as smooth as possible. Asphalt paving Huntsville, TX offers this balance perfectly, whereas concrete and other materials are either too slippery or don’t allow you to play as well.

Even top professionals enjoy playing both of these sports on asphalt paving because it gives you enough grip to turn quickly and play at your best.

With Huntsville Texas having so many basketball and tennis clubs it’s essential that they can be created using a cheap method. The cost of laying asphalt paving Maddisonville, TX (INTERLINK) is minuscule compared to other methods, and for this reason, it’s the obvious choice for basketball and tennis courts.

Asphalt Paving Process

The asphalt paving process is relatively simple. First, you must remove any existing surface, regardless of the material that is used. With a clean slate, we can grade and slope the surface so that water drainage is adequate, helping to prevent any damage.

The sub-base will then be prepared, which is a fantastic frost barrier to prevent against winter damage and also provides a stable surface to support the pavement.

The binder is then added on-top, this layer includes large aggregate mixed with oil. Above this the fresh asphalt will be laid, consisting of small aggregate, sand, and oil. This mixture gives you the chic black appearance that we all desire.