Asphalt Resurfacing in College Station
Asphalt has had many uses since the earliest times; waterproofing ships, as mortar to hold bricks or stones in place, and in roofing. Currently, its most common use is as paving material when mixed with an aggregate like stone, sand, or gravel. It is an excellent material for use in paving streets, parking lots, and driveways due to its strength and durability.
When initially paving a surface using asphalt, the preparation of the surface is critical; using the right base material that has been properly compacted, and assuring adequate drainage of the area can determine how supportive the paved surface will be as well as how often it will need to be repaired. Another factor that can affect how often an asphalt surface will need repair is sealing. Proper sealing assures that water will not seep into the nooks and crannies of the asphalt and cause weakening from underneath. This sealing process should be repeated every two to three years, depending on the amount of traffic the surface receives.
Even the best paving jobs can suffer from the effects of heavy loads and Nature. In areas where freezing and thawing occur, the ground will tend to expand and contract with the weather conditions, causing ground heave, and no paving surface is immune to its effects. If the damage is limited to isolated areas of cracking, an asphalt patch can be applied to correct the problem. If the damage is more serious and widespread, it may call for Asphalt Resurfacing College Station or complete re-paving.
If the original asphalt is still structurally sound, Asphalt Resurfacing College Station may be the optimal choice for restoring the surface to like-new condition. First, however, all surface defects must be corrected, down to the base layer and proper drainage of the area must be assured. Then the surface is thoroughly cleaned and a tack coat is applied to help bond the old and new layers. A new asphalt coat is then laid down and professionally sealed to complete the job. Properly executed, resurfacing can add another 8 to 15 years to the life of your paved surfaces.
Asphalt parking lot maintenance requires professional attention and should be handled by a team which can handle a number of maintenance chores; these include sealing, patching, pothole repair, crack-filling, sweeping, and striping.