Asphalt Paving Madisonville, TX

For many businesses and individuals, asphalt paving is the obvious choice. Not only is it incredibly cheap when compared to other methods, but it’s also durable, quick to install and can be repaired much more easily than many alternatives.

Within Madisonville Texas, there are thousands of examples of asphalt roads, driveways, parking lots and sports pitches. The reason for this is because asphalt paving is versatile and can be applied to a whole number of problems with very little variance.

Installing a New Driveway

If you ask a small asphalt company what types of projects they work on most regularly you’ll find out that almost all of them involve driveways. These paths are usually either to commercial parking lots or private driveways to residential homes.

In either case, the people are interested in getting a solution as quickly as possible so that people can use the driveway and get to the business or house again.

Installing a new driveway using asphalt paving is quick and simple because most often these driveways are straight and thin, a perfect combination for this style of road. Once the mixture has been poured out, it needs to be driven over with a rolling device and because of this, driveways can be installed relatively quickly when compared to other uses.

Replacing an Existing Driveway

For those businesses and individuals that already have an existing driveway, the process is slightly longer and more complicated. To begin with, the old driveway must be removed, which can be a short or long process depending on the material that was used.

In most cases, this involves minor demolition equipment and a digger which can pull up the ground to remove the upper layer. Once all of the previous material has been removed and disposed of the team can get to work stabilizing the slope so that it is ideal for installing the upper pavement.

Upon this flat surface, the base layer will be applied and above this the upper asphalt pavement. Each of the layers is slightly different in composition, using a variety of ingredients to get the desired result.

For example; the upper layer is a jet-black chic color, whereas the lower layers don’t have such a deep shade of black.

Tennis and Basketball Courts in Maddisonvile, TX

Within Maddisonvile there are plenty of recreational tennis and basketball courts for the public to enjoy, either for free or for a small fee to the local club. For both of these sports, it’s vital that the players have enough grip for their shoes but simultaneously a smooth enough surface for the ball to bounce evenly on.

Outdoor courts, even at the professional level, often are created exclusively from asphalt because it is durable, provides a perfect bounce and is quick to install. The same upper pavement can support large trucks during transportation, meaning they will be incredibly long lasting when they are for sports.

With modern techniques, you can also dye the aggregate so that superior courts can be created without any spray paints or other upper surface treatments. For tennis, this is particularly useful and is often used to distinguish between the court and the external area.

But more importantly for the company or government agency paying for the sports facilities, asphalt courts are fantastically cheap when compared to carpet, clay, and grass. Asphalt requires very little upkeep, and if appropriately laid it can be resistant to even more extreme changes in weather.

Asphalt Paving Madisonville, TX Runways for Planes

Runways around the world use asphalt because more than anything else they value the safety of the passengers flying to and from their airports. Asphalt paving Milano, TX (INTERLINK) provides fantastic grip and even when there is surface water the plane can continue to be stable and safe.

When compared to alternative materials the choice is clear; asphalt provides superior safety, it handles the massive blunt force of a landing plane, and it is incredibly easy to install and repair. For these three reasons, it’s the most common paving material used in many airports around the globe.

Airports make their money based on the number of planes landing on their runways and with this in mind they want to be able to re-open them within days, not weeks. Asphalt paving can be laid quickly, and it can also be fixed and repaired in a short period.

Commercial Parking Lots

Commercial parking lots need to be able to handle a significant number of cars as well as regular turnover, oil spills, and possibly even harsh weather conditions. For these lots, it’s vital that they can use a pavement material that will hold up for years to come and won’t need to be replaced.

Most commercial lots with multiple stories are built in such a way that they can’t afford to have even a few moments of repairs. People need to drive up through the entire building to reach parking spots, and a single pothole repair on the first floor could cost them thousands of dollars each day in lost revenue.

Fortunately, asphalt can be repaired far quicker than concrete and other pavement materials. With so many parking lots to choose from in Madisonville Texas these lot owners need to be proactive about providing the best surface, both visually and structurally.

Filling Cracks and Potholes with Asphalt Paving Madisonville, TX

The average asphalt paving repair can be completed in less than a day. Most asphalt paving contractors use specialist equipment to pump fresh bitumen into cracks and potholes exceptionally quickly, allowing them to fill them and move on to the next issue.

Unlike concrete, asphalt doesn’t have a ‘curing period,’ meaning that the moment the last worker leaves the area you can drive on the road. For this reason, asphalt paving prices are relatively competitive when compared to alternative methods.

To fix cracks and potholes, there are two methods; filling and sealing. The filling is somewhat intuitive; the workers will pump fresh asphalt into the break and let it harden. But with sealing a 0.5in by 0.5in square is removed around the crack and then re-filled. By doing this, the seal is much stronger and less likely to be broken.